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Top frequently asked questions

  • I've got a question or have some feedback. How do I get in touch with you?
    Please feel free to email us anytime at
  • How much does my SuperHomePro website cost?
    Try it free for 10 days. Then it's just $4.95 per month. Cancel anytime. See pricing for more information.
  • Do I need to know how to code in HTML or use a design tool to make my website?
    No. To make your SuperHomePro website, just answer a few easy questions about your business.
    Then click a button and you'll see your new website right away.
  • What will my website look like?
    You can pick from several colorful design templates and dozens of professional photos for your website design.
  • Can I use my own pictures?
    Yes. You can upload up to ten of your own pictures into your photo gallery.
    Use this to show off your best work to prospective customers.
  • Do I get my own web address?
    Yes. You can create your own web address and name it anything you like.
    Is your name Pete Rogers? Then you can name your website
    Is your business named Brookside Landscaping? Then name your website
  • I have my own domain name. Can I use it for my SuperHomePro website?
    Yes. Click here for instructions.
  • How does the Service Request Form work?
    You automatically get a Service Request Form added to each page of your website.
    A customer who finds your website can use the form to fill out their service request.
    That request is automatically emailed straight to you - including the customer's name, email address, and phone number.
  • Can I have more than one SuperHomePro website?
    Yes, you can create as many websites as you like.
    Perfect if you own multiple businesses - or you're managing websites for multiple clients or friends.
  • Can I make my own web pages?
    Yes. In addition to the many pages that are included in the website template,
    you can also create up to three of your own pages from scratch.
    Use them for anything you can think of.

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